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Random Act of Kindness : Balloons to Heaven

To all of my friends who have lost loved ones. In honor of you we send you Balloons to Heaven. I was/am truly blessed to have known all of those who died in the last year and I am glad we did this. Virtual hands and friendship has gone a long way!

38 Random Acts of Kindness - Balloons to Heaven !


This year, so many people that I hold dear to my heart, have taught me more than they could ever imagine, through their strength and their loved ones. So many have had to endure what no person ever should. From parents, grandparents, brothers, sister, aunts and uncles, losing a loved one, to friends who have lost their courageous fight to cancer and other illnesses.  Having lost many loved ones in my life, I know the hole and void it can leave in your heart. Although, I cannot ever imagine what some of my friends have gone through this past year, I wanted them to know that there is not a moment in the day that I don't think of them. no matter how busy life can get. That there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of the struggles they have had to endure and that mightily I continue to pray. Praying for peace, understanding, comfort and joy to be brought to their lives. Although the miles and the waters may separate us - I would like to think a bridge has been built - from - heart to heart.

What can you say or really do in such moments of adversity ? There are never enough right words to say that can ease the pain. There is nothing you can say or do when someone you love fights the good fight and only seems to lose the battle anyway, although not the war. We love, we lose - no matter how unnatural the order of things may seem. Some people come into our lives only for a moment, while others can be with us for years. I'd like to think that no one is ever really gone.That we are all Angels and some of us are just called home sooner than others.

In this life we are and can be taught so much by others, if only we open our hearts and minds. No matter the age - there is something to learn from everyone. A baby, someone's son or daughter, can teach us innocence and purity. With every breath they take they can breath so much life into a person. The innocence of a child teaches us that we can do and be anything if only we believe. The purity of a child brings us unmatched, unconditional love that remains forever in our hearts no matter how long they get to share those milestones with us. Without expecting anything in return, they give us joy and hope for the future. While the mature one teaches us courage, strength and perseverance. No matter their life struggles, they become fighters until the very end, teaching us that life and love are worth fighting for. Courageously they climb the highest of mountains - with no fear of falling and they persevere to the top, waving, loving, smiling all the way there.

So many have taught me so many things about life. I watch the faith of others and stand in awe. That they could face the most difficult time in their lives and still know that the God they love and serve is not a mean God. That the God they serve through it all loves them and is and will continue to bring them peace and comfort. That no matter their struggles there is HOPE. Something that many of us forget and all to often take for granted.There is a lot to be learned and said of someone's great faith and I continue to learn from them.

Today, it's my turn to give back because so much has been given to me.

The Caulk Family - Have taught me so much about love, faith and family. Through all of their struggles they never forget who they are. I love them all.

The Baker - Sodero Family - Their beautiful son taught me about innocence and how big things do come in such small packages. Love You Al and Desiree.

Sharon Young - Taught the true meaning of living life to the fullest and no matter what hand you are dealt, you still just live and love. RIP Dear one.

Joe Ferrara - Taught me what it means to be a great teacher - in life and in business. Thank You Joe, forever in our hearts.

Clint Miller and Family - This family has taught me courage. Courage to face things head on. To know that it's okay to be tired but never to be scared. Our thought and prayers are with you always.

So many, have taught me such beautiful things. I thank God for all of them and I thank God that I have had the chance to know them and love them.

So, I, we, sent balloons to Heaven. In honor of our friends and their loved ones who passed away because they are ALL special to me.


38 Random Acts of Kindness, it's my birthday present to myself : http://www.aserendipityworld.com/2011/11/38-random-acts-of-kindness.html

Special thanks for Midori Miller, Jeanette Neerpat, Vicky Wyman for joinging me in 38 Random Acts of Kindness. To my neighbor for helping me shoot my video, lending me the beer and allowing me to spew it all over her porch. You all ROCK !

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Random Act of Kindness : Balloons to Heaven
To all of my friends who have lost loved ones. In honor of you we send you Balloons to Heaven. I was/am truly blessed to have known all of those who died in the last year and I am glad we did this. Virtual hands and friendship has gone a long way!.. more
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