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Has your writing changed? Who are you targeting?

Have you ever gone back to take a look at your first star? Have you notice the difference in your writing from then to now? Now with the new team blogs (I was invitied to write for Club Chaos) I was going back to take a look at some of my blog post.

It made me think of who my target audience was at the time. It seems my audience was here on the Rain to other agents. I guess I wasn't using ActiveRain to its fullest potential!

I remember reading an article about personal photos. You know you are taught to remove all family pictures so the new buyers can place themselves in the home instead of looking at the current homeowners. When I wrote this post I was not expecting the respond I got.

So take a look at my first star, then go back and take a look at yours. Has your writing changed? And now who are you targeting?

I was reading an article this morning. It was going against what we all learned as far as depersonalizing the home. Most of us was taught when we go on listing appointments and after we get the listing most sellers ask us what needs to be done to the home. Our first response of course is to remove all the clutter. The second thing we always say is to remove all personal pictures.

Now my guess is you want the new prospective buyers to picture themselves in the home without seeing the sellers in it. Now I agree with what I was reading, having the pictures remaining up and around the home shows its a home. Makes it warm and comforting. You see its history and spirit.

Now I see both parts and agree mainly with the article. I love walking into a home and seeing the story behind the home. The family that lives there and enjoys its comfort. Why would we want to take out the most important part of that home!!!!

So my question to you is, " What is you opinion, What would you suggest to your sellers when asked of this questions". Will you go with the norm or will you step out of the box and keep it personal??

I will answer first, I'm going to step out of the box and keep the home warm and personal!!


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Has your writing changed? Who are you targeting?
Have you ever gone back to take a look at your first star? Have you notice the difference in your writing from then to now? Now with the new team blogs (I was invitied to write for Club Chaos) I was going back to take a look at some of my blog post… more
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