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To make things just a bit EASIER!

If you are like me, I carry my camera everywhere. Pictures for my listings, pictures of the neighborhood, or like what I am also doing, LOTS of BPO's.

Here is the problem I run into several times maybe a week. I take my pictures and have to wait till I get to a computer to upload my pictures. I have run into problems where I forget my card reader for the camera card. Would have to run home to get the card or just wait till I got home. Which would slow me down, and if you are like me are always on the go. So having to stop to go back home to get it is no use to me.


So my husband got me this great Christmas gift to make things just a bit easier for me. Its a wifi camera card called the EyeFi. Basically how it works, if you are near a wireless network and if your camera is on, it will automatically upload your pictures to where you have it assigned to. You can have it upload to your home computer or sites like FLickr. It is the coolest thing. I was at home and the computer was on, I had my son taking pictures around the house and you would see within seconds the picture uploading to the computer.

Now there are several cards to the EyeFi, there is a 2Gb card that only does pictures and there is a 4Gb card that does video and pictures. Now the video will upload as well with the 4Gb card not the 2Gb.

I had to share this with all of you. Just to make things just a bit easier for you as my husband did for me. Leave it up to him to find something like this. When he went to go buy it at Best Buy, they looked at him like he was crazy. But he managed to find it there.

Hope this helps you! Have a Great New Year everyone!

Jeannette Neerpat

Comment balloon 64 commentsJeannette Neerpat • January 04 2010 12:44PM
To make things just a bit EASIER!
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